The other day, my friend scoffed at the fact that one of her relatives still uses paper towels. The absolute horror! I blinked a few times, trying to hide the fact that I, too, still use paper towels. I consider myself to be fairly green, but had never really thought about our paper towel consumption. After the conversation I had with her, I started to notice just how many paper towels our family was going through on a weekly basis.

When I came across the paperless paper towels sold by Polder’s Old World Kitchen, I was instantly inspired to make some of my own. These towels are great for wiping down countertops, cleaning up accidental spills, or lining berry baskets full of fresh produce.

As the weather warms up so does a desire to streamline our beauty and skincare routines. The simpler, the better, yes? Well, it can’t get any simpler OR better than this latest Chalkboard Mag advice. In our opinion, taking a cure from nature is always a safe bet.

Honey is so much more than just sugar, and the wide-reaching benefits of honey prove it. Everything about this golden goop boosts beauty, both internally and externally. We’re not ready to try the bee sting facial just yet (yes, that’s a real thing), but we’re more than ready to use honey – a potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory – for these three simple beauty ideas to get our skin purified, plumped and glowing!


There’s something about a linen apron that just speaks to my soul. I love the simple design of aprons, and every time I wear one I instantly feel better prepared to bake or craft. Aprons also happen to be one of my go-to gifts, and with Mother’s Day right around the corner, this would be the perfect gift to give.

Pair with a nice bottle of olive oil, or some DIY recipe cards, and you’re good to go!


Few things are as charming as receiving snail mail. No matter the influx of texts, emails, or even snaps, the sweet sound of tearing an envelope beats them all. And today we take it one step further with handcrafted cards as inspired by A Cup of Jo. No gadgets needed, this is a DIY of purely household goods (and forgotten beauty products) to personalize and marbleize stationery.


Spring has officially sprung, and this year’s Pantone colors have me dreaming of soft pastels for our Easter table. DIY’ing your own décor or accents can save you money, but more so, will make any holiday that much more special. I completed this project with a three-year-old, and it was so fun to watch her excitement as the linens changed colors; little moments like that make DIY projects much more memorable than simply buying retail goods.

A simple gift to help new homeowners (or renters), break in a new home, housewarming gifts can range from something as simple as a candle, or as elaborate as an appliance.

More than likely, if you’re preparing a housewarming gift, you’re hoping to put a smile on your friends’ or new neighbors’ faces — and make a meaningful impression as they embark on a new chapter of their life together!

As the holidays approach, we scramble to select the perfect gift for everyone on our list in an attempt to show the people we love the most that we know just what is their heart’s desire.

However, most of the time, our family and friends would rather spend an afternoon laughing together than receive an elaborate gift. This year, I chose to wrap small meaningful gifts with snapshots from throughout the year. I love using my instant print camera to capture silly moments shared between those closest to me.

Just because your favorite beanie or wide-brimmed hat might be easing into constant rotation, cooler temps don’t have to limit the creativity you employ with your hair. Below we’re sharing a simple braided bow brought to you by the same talented lady who taught you how to master this summer’s braided crown.

Read on for Cara McLeay’s easy step-by-step hair tutorial that we think would perfectly dress up anything from sweater to sweatshirt.


Accompanying summer’s hot weather is often a decided lack of hair inspiration. Spending hours blow-drying or curling our hair can be unappealing when really we just want it up and out of our face. Because the Glitter Guide is one of our go-tos for easy hair and beauty tips, we asked them to share this simple braided crown tutorial below. It’s perfect for getting the best both of worlds, summery and stylish.

Who knew that a braided crown hairstyle could be so much easier to achieve than it looks? Cara McLeay is breaking this boho style down into six simple steps. 

If there’s one downside to the outdoors during summertime, it’s those tiny little friends that we can pick up along the way. Bug bites easily zap the calm, serene feeling fresh air affords us, and remedies can sometimes feel (and smell) like more trouble than they’re worth. But of course the all-natural gurus over at The Chalkboard have us covered. No pun intended. Below they’re sharing a DIY recipe for all-things-bug-bites with activated charcoal.

CHARCOAL IS HAVING A MOMENT, for sure. We love the crazy Japanese charcoal toothbrushes and we’ve been drinking charcoal in Pressed Juicery’s new green juice. We’re no strangers to drinking or bathing in clay either, which can draw toxins out of the gut. Stephanie at Hello Natural is walking us through a DIY for a traditional skin-healing remedy called black salve. It’s strangely gorgeous and surprisingly effective…

Itching to tap into your creativity this spring?

This multi-functional wood box is such a fun DIY because it is so versatile and can serve as so many things. Today I’m detailing how to make a box that’s about 15″W x 15″L x 14″H — perfect to store a few toys in the living room or even a blanket collections that can be rolled around as needed. It can even serve as a planter box. (I stuck my pot directly inside of it which made it a lot easier to move around; I never keep my plants in the same spot longer than a week.)

Want to find out how to make you own? See below for the full walk-through!

As a little girl, the first day of May held one of my favorite family traditions. Along with my sister, my mother and I would make simple flower baskets by rolling sturdy paper into cones and attaching a small handle. Then, we filled the bottom of the cone with small candies before tucking in a handful of blossoms — often tulips and lilies of the valley — that we had snipped from our own backyard.

With our May Day baskets in hand, my sister and I became tiny, anonymous gift-givers. After hanging a basket on the front door of a neighbor or friend, we rang the doorbell and scampered away. The goal was to remain secret givers; if we were found out, we could be kissed by the one who found us.

It was a celebration of spring, and I adored the secrecy of leaving flowers and sweets on the doors of those I loved.