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Summer is a time to explore. It’s a time to take risks and let the excitement of something new refresh your perspective and boost your mood. Yet, all too often we box this exploration in to just our travel destinations or wardrobe choices. Why should we stop there? The start to a new month can prove a timely reminder to change things up right where you are — like at home!

We’ve personally selected five products from the new Target Room Essentials line that can add a pop of something different, be it color, style or design, to infuse your living space with the unexpected both easily and inexpensively.

So let’s have some fun, be bold, and enjoy the summer!

Target Collage1

1. Hexagon Bath Mat | We love this honeycombed pattern in shades reminiscent of a desert sunset. The perfect place to rest your feet after showering off a day spent at the beach.

2. Tripod Table Lamp | This ultra sleek and unassuming side lamp would be great in a hallway or a bedroom. Airy and simple, exactly how we expect summer style to be.

3. Patterned Decorative Pillow | This interplay of pattern and texture would provide a sunny finishing touch for a sofa, love-seat or bedspread.

4. Tri-Band Dinnerware | A festive salad or colorful array of tacos would look extra appealing when served up on one of these dishes. (Dining al fresco encouraged.)

5. Moasaic Placemat | Instant color without being overwhelming. We think these are fun, yet calming, like the tile of a pool beckoning us to dive in.

Do you change up your home decor in the summer? How?

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  1. This simple, seasonal transition pieces are ideal for a “home facelift” without breaking the bank. The unique styles and bold colors offer energetic accents to enhance a summer feel. Each piece can be easily rotated throughout the year and reappear, bright and beautiful, next summer!

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