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INTERNAL CHAOS CAN manifest itself in many different external forms: an unhealthy diet, insomnia, addictive behaviors, chronic indecision or stagnation. For many of us, it takes shape in the form of messiness. And just like with a fast-food habit or a lack of sleep, the toxins can start to build up.

Just in time for spring cleaning season, we’re talking about all that internal and external clutter.

The way we compartmentalize our messiness is very telling. Not all of us thrive in a completely sterile environment – on the contrary; most of us feel the most at-home when there’s just a smidge of organized chaos in our lives. Whether it’s a closet filled with knick-knacks or a wallet littered with receipts, we all have our beautiful messes that give us a sense of comfort and ease.

For me personally, it’s my purse. Sure, I probably don’t “need” to carry around half of what I keep in there, but it gives me a sense of preparedness. I’ve tried to clean out my bag again and again, but gradually, my life finds its way back into that black bag. Maybe I like that visual reminder that “I already have everything I need.”

Clutter is one thing –  complete disarray is another. Clutter represents a very specific part of your psyche, the part that knows exactly who she is. Disarray, in contrast, is a red flag for something deeper you’re not tending to.

Maybe it’s your relationship. Maybe it’s your health. Your apartment is in shambles, laundry everywhere and old mail scattered about the table – maybe you’re afraid to commit to the life you know you want to lead. And just like with a juice cleanse or detox, when you start to clear away the toxins, you start to have breakthroughs in what formerly seemed like completely unrelated aspects of your life.

Spring cleaning isn’t just about picking up our crap, it’s about picking up the pieces we’ve let fall away. Spring cleaning isn’t just about scrubbing the floors, it’s about shining our souls.

This year, I learned a lot about the difference between clutter and disarray: I moved into a loft with no closets. Instead of a closet, I’ve got two studio-like clothing racks that literally bring everything out into the open. Carrie Bradshaw would be horrified.

But something interesting has happened since moving into my nook-less nook: I’ve gotten rid of the things that don’t serve me, and I’ve found places for the things that do. Not coincidentally, I’ve become a lot more clear about what I really want in my life.

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Article by Katie Horwitch; Image via Milena Mallory 

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