Some Friends, a Shopping Itch, and a New Wardrobe

If you haven’t read our previous article, Clear that Closet Clutter , do so now–then revisit this account of what can happen once you’re ready to shop to replenish!

I could divide my clothes up in a few sections: maternity, junior high, moth eaten or stained, do not fit, and hand-me-downs. (Yes, a twenty-four year old woman with hand-me-downs–it happens in desperate times). It is not healthy for a young lady in her prime to have such a devastating wardrobe, but it really comes down to not knowing how to dress and wasting money on impulse buys that end up in the third-wash-grave.

Honestly, I could probably dress my mom, my grandma, and my best friend because all those addicting reality makeover shows make it easy to critique the run-of-the-mill, but living in a hip (I said “hip”) city can be a little intimidating fashion-wise. Some of my best-dressed friends frequent second-hand shops or Barney’s, but I do not have the creativity or patience for the first, and the latter is… well… spendy! My biggest internal struggle with getting my buns out shopping was making my money worth it AND desiring to look more than decent with a unique style of my own.

If you live in Los Angeles, you are bound to have friends like mine who could put an outfit or two together. Okay, I lie. I have magical friends who turn Goodwill upside-down and find ruby slippers! The ring leader, Mercedes, had me prepare my shopping extravaganza by finding images and styles in magazines that inspired me–I cannot say I am trendy, classy, or chic, but a mix of all of them. Expressing that I didn’t want the clothes to define me, but fit me in a feminine way, my girlfriend had me completely understood.

First, the duo came to my place, raided my closet and wrote out a hit list. During the hunt, both ladies decided on items mostly by fit and type of fabric… who knew? I greatly tried helping by holding up items, but received comments like “ummm… that’s fake leather,” or “no, it’s trying too hard.” A silk leopard skirt, dark straight fit jeans, leather belt, plain white tee, grey leather flats, vintage fitted dress, and chunky sweater are just a few items–all on super sale or used–I went home with within my spending limit. After mixing the old with the new, I had a fresh and complete selection of outfits.

That Thursday was one of the most life-changing days, as menial as it seems, and most importantly left me completely inspired like Audrey Hepburn outside Tiffany’s. Every woman should feel confident in the clothes they wear, even if it requires a little feedback from savvy friends. After an emotional new beginning, I wanted to get dolled up to go on a date with my man, but before my friend left, she made me organize my closet… this time, not by number of moth holes!


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