I recently started my own company and was frustrated that it wasn’t progressing at the rate at which I wanted. In my mind, I had envisioned that the company would be up running, financially sustainable, and growing exponentially. When this didn’t happen immediately, I soon became full with doubt, wondering whether I was capable enough to start my own business.

Here is what I have learned: Our time frame of where we want to be is often far from where we actually are. Meaning, what we want to happen and when doesn’t always unfold on the schedule that we want it to.

When we are frustrated or disappointed, it is easy to ask questions doubting our self-worth. But when we shift our questions of doubt to curiosity and reflection, we can gain much more from our experience. Some wonderful questions to ask during moments of frustration are: What am I learning right now? How is this period of waiting deepening me? How am I dealing this moment? How am I being inspired to envision something new?

Life rarely unfolds on our time table, and that is a reality we must learn to accept. When we accept it, we can become comfortable in the present moment, knowing that we are here where we are right now for a reason.

We do not have all the answers in life; sometimes all we have is questions. But the questions that we ask can help prepare us in the future. Taking time to rest in questions that inspire growth and reflection will help pave the path down the road where anything may be possible. It’s through sitting in those questions and being patient for the answers that we become prepared for what’s to come, slowly developing into the self-aware women of character that we hope to be.


Photo Credit: http://lovestonedthings.tumblr.com/