When a fashion emergency happens, we often resort to changing clothes or even tossing out the offending garment. With just a bit of effort, however, many disasters can be averted. Try checking around the house for these handy lifesavers, and consider stocking your handbag with a few of them when you’re headed to an important event.

Clear Nail Polish. Great for repairing a run in pantyhose, clear nail polish can also prevent costume jewelry from turning your skin “green.” Just coat with nail polish and let dry before wearing.

Hairspray. Hairspray is a great quick-fix for static cling. Dryer sheets work as well (and smell better) but hairspray does the trick when it’s all you have around.

Bar of Soap. Soap is great for unhitching a sticking zipper. Soapy water also works well for removing a ring stuck on your finger.

Safety Pins. Pins are great to have around. They are a perfect temporary fix for a fallen hem, a broken strap or a button that has just popped off. They don’t take up much space, so they’re great to keep in your wallet or clutch. You may be surprised at how often they come in handy.

Razor Blade. Razor blades are perfect for removing loose threads or pills from garments…just be careful not to cut into the fabric itself.

Black Sharpie. A sharpie works great for scuffs on shoes and handbags. It won’t completely take away the scuff, but it will mask it from drawing attention.

Photo credit: merchantandmills.com