What might make you feel less than today is actually building more in you than you ever saw coming.

"As long as men can purchase women, we will never have gender equality."

"I was twelve and I had been convinced that I was worthless."

I wasn’t always perfect, but I was exercising an important muscle that would strengthen over time.

It changed who I was, watching the man I considered infallible deteriorate before my eyes.

Very quickly down the road of mommy writing, I hit a roadblock.

I still work to mend the brokenness in my soul from Double Abuse… even today.

Truth to remember in the moments you feel defeated at home.

When it comes to sexual assault on campus, men aren't just part of the problem. They are also part of the cure.

Part of what makes us valuable to each other is the diversity of our experiences.

As I write this letter, I have lived the majority of my life without him.

Speaking up could save a life and offer much needed hope.

How do we handle a situation like this with love, clarity and grace?

How do we know what's really best and how do we know when we’ve found it?

Marriages aren’t always easy, but they’re always worth it.

Life's most painful experiences don't eclipse the gratitude and kindness available to you.

Seeking advice is smart, but is the advice we receive always right?

How do we initiate difficult conversations and ensure we don’t irrevocably hurt those we love?

It's a game changer when someone's been where you are and believes that you can make it.

For 33 years of my life, I didn’t know anything about babies.

We are hardwired to desire closeness and intimacy.

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