What might make you feel less than today is actually building more in you than you ever saw coming.

Your marriage is too important to let the weeds creep in.

We all have the power (and responsibility) to make the Internet better.

If you suspect you may be an HSP, here are some important coping strategies.

It just might be one of the most powerful things we have to offer humanity.

My years of singleness have been a love affair I’m not ready to let go of. Through them I’ve experienced pain and joy and gratitude

As we soak in these last weeks of summer, we also bask in golden sunlight, carefree days, and in spending our time with friends

When friendships or relationships become distorted based on what we believe about them, how can we keep a perspective of truly attempting to see

It’s not always easy being on the receiving end of praise.

Compassion for others isn't about what you can throw at them to make them happy.

I knew right away she wouldn’t like me. She embodied authenticity with her tattoos and loop nose ring. I, however, was a walking stereotype

In an age of social media, over-sharing has become an unfortunate by-product. But maintaining a mysterious element about oneself can leave people wanting more.

Denmark is the happiest nation in the world—according to studies—and researchers attribute Danes’ happiness to having low expectations in life. In other words, Danes

It’s never the disagreement that defines us; it’s what we do next that does.

Not having boundaries is a sure way to earn approval; that's the temptation of it.

"It’s rare to meet and befriend strangers the way I did. But I’d argue that we need more of this, perhaps now more than

Putting pen to paper will allow you to dip into your distant self – and pull out all of her great wisdom.

It seems like releasing the feelings associated with the hurt means pardoning the guilty. It doesn’t.

There's another side to the hashtag trend that warrants some discussion.

How you can use imagination to practically change your present reality and your future.

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