In an age of social media, over-sharing has become an unfortunate by-product. But maintaining a mysterious element about oneself can leave people wanting more.

Denmark is the happiest nation in the world—according to studies—and researchers attribute Danes’ happiness to having low expectations in life. In other words, Danes

It’s never the disagreement that defines us; it’s what we do next that does.

Not having boundaries is a sure way to earn approval; that's the temptation of it.

"It’s rare to meet and befriend strangers the way I did. But I’d argue that we need more of this, perhaps now more than

Putting pen to paper will allow you to dip into your distant self – and pull out all of her great wisdom.

It seems like releasing the feelings associated with the hurt means pardoning the guilty. It doesn’t.

There's another side to the hashtag trend that warrants some discussion.

How you can use imagination to practically change your present reality and your future.

Cost-effective ideas for making February 14th your own.

Chasing horizons with travel photographer Samantha Griggs and her pup, Navajo.

Have you ever received a compliment that changed your life?

Because sometimes, the littlest things really do say the most.

What would our world look like if everyone did this?

When you can't quit the comparisons, ask yourself these questions.

I love sending off a new message and wondering what my friend is doing nine hours ahead of my time zone.

It means a new chance to more truly and personally know people I’ve known my whole life.

"We don’t need to wait for anybody to tell us that we can move."

Clueless about what to bring to a kids' party? Here you go.

Know your number? Here's how to maximize your holiday based on it.

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