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There’s something about a rainy day that just makes you want to stay in your comfies and snuggle up on the couch with a good book, warm blanket, and hot cup of tea. The stillness and peace that comes with a day of rain is refreshing and can be surprisingly restful.

However, we all have those mornings when we wake to the rhythmic pitter-patter of the rain hitting our windows and still have to get up, go to work, and manage a productive day. Those days can be difficult to find the motivation to change out of sweatpants and pull ourselves together, especially when the humidity is in full force and getting wet can be a deterrent.

To that we say it is possible to remain feminine and functional — even on the most unlikely of days. It’s just about finding ways to add simple elegance, along with a few key investment pieces (you know how we love quality over quantity at The Refined Woman).

Here’s how we take on the rainy (and cold) weather in the city.

The Trench Coat

In our last investment post, we talked about our top 5 investment pieces for the year, including the trench. It’s such a timeless item, and our suggestion is to stay classic. Go for a good tan trench (we love this one). Also look for waxed canvas; it is a great material to purchase as it will help keep you dry on even the rainiest of days.

Rain Boots

A few years ago, I invested into a pair of Hunter Boots and wondered if it would be worth it in the long run. Three years later, two blizzards down, and endless rainy days endured, I can attest to the quality of Hunter boots. They are rain boots that will be in your closet for 20 years, and they even offer fleece inserts for those uber cold days as well. (We’re all about staying warm ladies!)

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A Skirt in the Rain?

This may seem like a strange choice, but invest in a good skirt that you can wear throughout the seasons. (A great skirt in the city is one of our favorite things). Why this skirt works with the above outfit is because of the classic trench and quality rain boot combination. Both pieces ensure that the underneath will stay dry and warm; it allows the freedom to be a bit more bold, even on a rainy day!

To the rainy day lady-on-the-go we say you can do it. Stay with the classics, but have fun in the details!

Images courtesy of The Refined Woman


  1. Fun to read! Love the outfit, with the leggings, boots and cute cute skirt! It looks so chilly, but you make the cold look so fun!

  2. Perfect day for this post as it is snowing cats + dogs here in NYC!!! Thanks for having us Darling:) We’re grateful for y’all!

  3. I really do enjoy getting to cozy up and read these lovely posts and admire the darling photos that accompany every single one, they are great and the words are just splendid! I look forward to many more!

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