Nowadays, going for the green has never been easier — as in, incorporating green drinks and the likes thereof into your daily routine. We’re huge fans of Chalkboard Mag and also, Pressed Juicery, which is why we found this interview with PJ co-founder Carly de Castro so informative and wholly inspiring. Not only does she de-bunk myths and reveal her juicing must-haves, she discusses why she felt it so important to set up shop in the first place.

From Chalkboard:

When Pressed Juicery first opened its Brentwood doors in 2010, the three co-founders never imagined the immense thirst for green juice that their little shop would quench. Fast-forward four short years, and Pressed Juicery is now helping juice lovers pop bottles across the country, with over twenty store locations up and down the California coast and countless juice cleanse home deliveries nationwide. If you haven’t tried a Pressed Juicery Greens 3 yet, we’re tempted to say you haven’t really tasted green juice – it’s that good.

In their very first book, co-founders Carly de Castro, Hayden Slater and Hedi Gores are sharing the heart and soul of what makes their growing company tick: incredibly delicious recipes for juice. The book is filled with thoughts on juicing and detoxification from top experts (many of them Chalkboard Guest Editors!), tips and tricks for juicing at home, and recipes to help make the juice cleansing process a success. For the Pressed-obsessed and juicing lovers everywhere, JUICE is an easy, accessible, and beautiful guide you’ll keep on your kitchen counter for years.


THE CHALKBOARD MAG: Pressed Juicery began in such a natural way. Talk to us about that and why creating this book was such a passion project for you…

CarlyJUICE was really the first time I’ve been able to have a platform to talk about what inspired my co-founders and me to start Pressed Juicery and our first opportunity to have a broader conversation about how drinking juice can have a profound effect on our health and wellness.

The past decade has been such a journey for me – truly life changing. The lows that I experienced with my mental and physical health and how I was able to make positive changes and come out of all of that, for me, that was a story worth sharing. The way I see it is, if I could do this, anyone can. And for both of my partners, I know they had similar experiences in coming to the realization that what you put inside your body matters so much more than can be put into words.

You don’t know it until you experience it, but when you’ve been unhealthy for a long time and not taking care of yourself and you start to make that turnaround, it’s like you return to your true essence or something – you feel better on a level that you want to share, and that is what the book is really about.

Hop on over to Chalkboard for the remainder of Carly’s interview, here!


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