To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart. -Phyllis Theroux

Once again you find yourself shuffling through a pile of mostly needless mail consisting of free pizza coupons, credit card offers, and of course…bills. Feeling indifferent towards the cluster of paper in your grasp, you quickly make your way back from the mail box when suddenly a genuine envelope falls to the ground. You notice that your name is neatly printed on the front of it in what appears to be actual handwriting (a mysterious thing indeed). Quite suddenly, your day has become all stars and rainbows because somebody sent you a treasured thing of the past: A letter.

Writing letters to friends and loved ones may seem like a dying art, but in this age of fast moving information we now have access to more and more amazing ideas for keeping old school correspondence as fresh as ever. Here are two quick and easy ideas for sending your mail out in style!

1. Ink & Paint

What you’ll need:
Ink pens (sharpies, micron or calligraphy pens).
Watercolor or gouache paints.

There is a good chance you have enough supplies to pull this one off already hiding in your junk drawer. Using the medium of simple black ink pens is a versatile and classy way to spruce up any paper good item. A good place to start is to adorn the name of the person you are writing to. I am not a trained calligrapher but am inspired by the artform. Start by writing the first letter of the recipient and slowly build doodles and line art as you go. Everything goes and mistakes can sometimes lead to the best lettering!

Of Letters And Ink | Darling Magazine

After you have finished inking your words, add a splash of color in the form of flowers, shapes or whatever doodle you desire. Consider items that your recipent would enjoy (ie: are they a gardener, an animal lover, etc).

Of Letters And Ink | Darling Magazine

2. Pictures Are Perfect

What You’ll Need:
Pre-folded cards (can be found at any craft store).
Printed pictures (Prinstagram: see below).
Glue or double stick tape.

This final idea is perfect for an efficient and fun take on sending out cards. Some my favorite life moments and most cherished images are stored on my Instagram account. To say the least, when I discovered Prinstagram I was beyond excited. This online print studio allows you to upload your instagram photos and have them printed and shipped right to your door! You can then glue or tape them to your favorite blank cards and they instantly make adorable pieces for mailing out to your friends or using for special occasions.

Of Letters And Ink | Darling Magazine

I hope you’ll each get a chance to try these simple and sweet DIY ideas for keeping the art of mail as pretty and creative as ever.

Photos By Jenni Kupelian


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