Special holiday candles are hidden away, and all the twinkly lights have been taken down from neighboring homes. The big holidays have come and gone, and it feels just a little bit colder. How about a small extension of the holiday season to lift your spirits? January 23rd marks National Handwriting Day, a national holiday started in 1977 by the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association as, “a chance for all of us to re-explore the purity and power of handwriting.” They chose this date to commemorate John Hancock’s birthday — the first and most prominent signature on the Declaration of Independence.

In our technologically driven society, handwritten letters are now more frequently replaced by quippy emails and one-word texts. Let’s celebrate National Handwriting Day by writing a loved one a heartfelt note. Whether it’s directed to a lover, a family member, or a treasured friend, a handwritten letter is a sensitive act that embraces the moment in a fast paced world. It is done so rarely these days, just by sending a small note by post is an easy way to raise the volume on your sincerity.

Here are some suggestions for how to embrace this little known holiday:

Splurge On Stationery

Take a stroll to your local bookstore and pick out some fun stationery. Find something that has your initials, or an emblem or quote that represents your style. Paper with cutout paw prints could be ideal if you have a furry companion.

Gather Addresses

To keep your handwritten letter a surprise, ask your loved ones for their addresses saying it’s part of a New Year’s resolution to update your contact list. They won’t expect your treat at all.

Mail A Photo

Not sure what to write? Take a moment to print out some of those photos you’ve been storing on your phone and computer, and include a letter reflecting on your shared experience.

Unplug & Pen Up

Enhance your surroundings while you write. Light a fragrant candle and pour some of your favorite wine. This can all help to set the mood. Ideally, set aside enough time to properly disconnect from the television and other electronics so you can sink into your writing. Focus your undivided energy on expressing yourself in the letters.

Relax in your favorite seat and relish in the moment. You’re sure to make someone’s day by putting pen to paper and taking the time to share your feelings.

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  1. I love hand writing. I’m particularly fond of Papermate’s Flair line. They’re fine-tipped markers that don’t bleed, which works well with Moleskine notebooks. I’ve been writing letters to my grandmother in England for over 4 years. I enjoy it so much that I made a call for pen pals on my blog. http://www.goatsandhopes.com/2014/01/21/final-trimester-plus-pen-pals/ It’s a wonderful way to connect to people – you learn things that aren’t and can’t be expressed online. Thanks for posting about this oft-forgotten art!

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  4. To splurge on stationery go to a paper store or better yet, stationer. Most cities and suburban towns still have one or a few. To look them up it is easiest to google ‘wedding invitations’. In the Santa Barbara area there is The Stationery Collection. In LA the go to store is Frances Orr and in Pasadena there is Vromans. Paper Source and Papyrus shops also sell custom stationery but the staffs are not as well-trained. Happy stationery hunting.

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