She saunters into the half-light, her emerald dress sashaying with each brush of the snare, unknowingly. His eyes quietly follow her path, carefully shaded away in his corner booth. Palms balmy with nerves, his body suddenly feels like a sinking anchor as her figure becomes smaller with distance.

But as magic moments would have it, she suddenly feels his draw, like a warm electric current in her chest. She turns in time with the song, heart thumping on cue. He rises from the safety of that worn leather barricade, surfacing with the voltage. This is their meet-cute, their story for the ages.

 If you have to ask what jazz is, you’ll never know.  – Louis Armstrong

Love, much like jazz, is an indefinable force that cannot be summoned with some sort of rubric … it’s improvisation, it’s letting your heart take the wheel. This month’s playlist is all about that electric feel, the spirit of a love like jazz and a most romantic little day we like to dedicate to Saint Valentine and all you lovers out there.

Image via Michelle Madsen


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