The theme to this month’s mini mix is transition. For me, this mix is the perfect combination of embracing the exciting newness of a change ahead, while coexisting with that natural resistance to a shift that is certain to occur. Transitions are inevitable, whether we welcome themĀ or not. Even if we are fearful of change, there is always beautiful possibility in the wild unknown. Thankfully, music has an amazing way of becoming the soundtrack to whatever may be occurring for us at pivotal points in our lives. This little group of songs is just that for me. Download the Mini Mix here for free and enjoy!

Track Listing

1. Oh My My by Act As If

2. Don’t Fight The Feeling by Harriet

3. Hold On by Alabama Shakes

4. The Woods by Daughter

5. My False by Matt Corby

6. Free by Graffiti6

7. California by Delta Spirit

8. Lost At Sea by Cashier No.9


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