Meet the Beautician

Oh, how we all long for beauty! Mysterious and diverse as it is, we capture it, photograph it, and worship it, often forgetting how fleeting it is—like sand in an hourglass. However, in order to hold and keep beauty, we must build it solidly from the inside out, then it will never slip through our fingers.

What fascinating creatures we are with eyes like endlessly deep colored pools, long beautiful eyelashes that keep out all harm, and limbs and systems that function in perfect unity with one another. We are walking miracles, but how often we despise ourselves, hungry for what we don’t have, feeling like we never measure up.

To care for yourself well is to bring into reality the value of your being, your essence, and your own mark of beauty upon this world. Nutrition, exercise, skin, hair, and body care are essential to well being. When we neglect basic care of ourselves, we should see this as a warning sign that something is wrong on the inside. Without love for ourselves in our hearts, we have no desire to foster beauty on the outside.

Every woman possesses her own outer beauty. We should work to accent what we have been given, not work for what someone else possesses. Some of us are shaped like pears, others like apples, rectangles, or hourglasses. Yet why do we try and nip, tuck, re-shape, or alter our bodies? Darling believes it has to do with unrealistic standards of beauty presented by media, thus creating an invisible “pie” of beauty where a certain ideal equals 99% of your worth. We must fill in the other pieces with different aspects of beauty, and measure only by what we’ve been given. Besides, beauty also resides in our minds, hearts, talents, athleticism, and grace. If we build these from the inside, there is no doubt a deep-seated spirit of beauty will shine through. There is a lovely air to a woman who knows she’s beautiful and carries herself without a hint of jealousy or discontentment.

Yet we can’t deny the outside, as it is our unique face of the world, so let’s find a balance in beauty and health that truly builds self-worth apart from any form of vanity. What a pity to live under unattainable pressures and standards when what we have is just what the world needs to make it perfectly beautiful.


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Sarah is CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Darling Magazine. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and is a lover of well told stories, Chai tea, cats, nature and Paris.