She walks with a slight hop in her step, shoulder blades back, concentrated. A nutrition bar in her purse in the case of no lunch break, she truly, “has it all together.”

Some women stand out in grade school as future CEOs. You find them telling the other students “what the teacher said” and calling all to obedience. The Achiever sees the world as a place for potential, herself being an active participant, a valuable commodity, and an instrument in making the world turn. Business, systems, and entrepreneurial adventures excite her.

Darling believes every woman is a gift to this earth and here for a unique purpose. We want to put a spotlight on you and help you discover your personal “gifting,” informing you of best fits for careers, or how to grow in your current situation. After all, a job isn’t “just a job.” Yes, we should be entirely grateful we have work, but also not settle for less. If all you can muster to say about your job is, “It pays the bills,” Darling wants to challenge you to find something more. We want women to thrive in their work, and feel excited every morning because they get to go to work.

Often, women in our generation complain about not being educated about “real life;” namely, the “advice that no one ever tells you in school” on balancing priorities, time management, and how to manage money well. We want to share etiquette, tips, and strategies about frugality, budgeting, saving, investing, stocks, taxes, and more. After all, there is freedom in living a disciplined and intentional life.

It’s so important to recognize that we are all incredibly unique, created to fill a place and need in this world that no one else can. Some of us are organized, some messy, introvert or extrovert, leaders or followers, yet we believe an “achiever spirit” needs to be kindled in all of us. Whether you’re already a powerful achiever, or one who needs to re-ignite their dormant fire, let’s each embark on a meaningful journey—start a revolution, a business, or join a team…be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Let’s use our power and influence for the good of others, not selfish ends. Sweetness coupled with power is the mark of a true leader that everyone wants to follow.

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