If someone mentions the country of Australia to you, chances are the first few things that pop into your head are images of koalas, kangaroos and picturesque white-sand beaches. And after visiting the majestic continent myself, I can attest that yes, most of Australia does indeed encompass these things.

However, Australia is more than just its wildlife and landscape. It is also a melting pot of culture, tradition and artistic expression. From the beach-meets-city vibe found in Sydney and Melbourne’s culture rooted in the arts, to the majestic, undeveloped terrain of Kangaroo Island and the vineyard-lined hills of the Barossa Valley, Australia’s regions are just as diverse as the landscapes, culture, animals, food and people you’ll find there.

With so much to offer, this jewel of the Southern Hemisphere should find its way onto every traveler’s bucket list.

Images via Matthew Fuentes


  1. So true!! As an Aussie, I definitely recommend Australia as a place to go to. Whether you like kangaroos, architecture, coral reefs or the hot desert we have everything! If you go to Australia the one place I suggest you go is Sydney Harbour, to see the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge 🙂

  2. Is the third picture the bridge leading out to Victor Harbor in South Australia? If not it reminds me of it. I love this post. I love and miss Australia.

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