If there’s one Los Angelino Italian who can appreciate a good meal with close friends AND catch it on camera, it’s Dawn LaMattina Asher, along with her production company Tribe of Asher.

Starting tomorrow and continuing for a month, she’s braving the world of KICKSTARTER and going public with her passion for good food and hospitality through creating a web series called Good Taste & Gatherings—a celebration of everyday Foodies who translate their passion for hospitality and cuisine into extraordinary community experiences.

She’s made it her quest to capture Foodies all over the world, and their communities, on camera as they craft their own intentional, artful approach to gathering around good food and good company. Recall your fondest memory of a meal with your closest friends and family. Now turn it into a documentary. That’s Dawn and her dessert: where community and cuisine dress up in their finest docu-style fashion.

Is it safe to say that society is craving food through organic connected experiences these days? Our answer is “yes,” and thank goodness there are Foodies out there who are answering this call every day. People who have a passion for hospitality and cuisine are fostering memorable food experiences—in their homes, work places and organizations—all for the enrichment and enjoyment of their communities. That’s where Dawn pulls out the camera.

The feast begins with the Foodies. Have you ever wondered why someone would spend hours creating an artful gathering, just for your pure enjoyment? Remember those summer days when the scent of Grandma’s homemade pie filled the house? If you could bottle it up and serve it at your next dinner party, you would, because it reminds you of love. There’s a piece of love inside you, and you long to share it. Gathering close together on Grandma’s porch made the taste of pie even sweeter. We meet Foodies every day. They fill the room with unforgettable memories. What would you give to discover their passion behind it all?

So what’s the skinny on this appetizing venture? Dawn is producing a DOCUMENTARY WEB SERIES called “GOOD TASTE & GATHERINGS,” but first, her team needs your help on Kickstarter to make it possible.

Darling Magazine wouldn’t miss it for the world. Actually, Darling Magazine and our team of hospitable darlings are joining the “Good Taste & Gatherings” movement—we’re booked as the FEATURE of the PILOT EPISODE!.

Dawn and her team are women who have been moved by the depth of beauty within the Darling community, and are thrilled to capture a gorgeous portrait of it. At the Darling Print Magazine Launch Party this fall, Darling Event Planner, Emily Gallentine, and Darling Meal Coordinator, Courtney Clevenger, will offer the “why” stories behind their handiwork as the beauty they bring to the table is documented. Editor-in-Chief Sarah Dubbledam and other women on the Darling team will be the voice of Darling Magazine as these filmmakers catch moving glimpses of our community and form it into “Good Taste & Gatherings.”

After all is said and done, the positive and significant impact of the food experience on others is what will make these documentaries so magical. With every web episode, Dawn and the Tribe of Asher crew will shape an unforgettable documentary story on screen, one that must be experienced for yourself and shared with others.

Join the movement that will inspire us all to gather closer and engage in beautifully crafted food experiences.

To partner and collaborate with Dawn & Tribe of Asher, please visit their KICKSTARTER and Facebook for more information.