Despite the usual tendency for trends to die a seemingly irreversible death, we sometimes find ourselves faced with a (gasp!) welcomed revival. The reappearance of the 80’s ankle length denim cigarette pant and the 70’s inspired wide-leg jean are obvious come-back trends. These, along with bold, bright and colorful skinny denims, bring a fresh and edgy look for this summer.

Many of us find ourselves following suit by modeling the latest fad, but we don’t need to fork out the big bucks every time a new trend hits the runway. In fact, we don’t have to be a professional to be a wardrobe stylist; nor do we have to be an expert to be a fashion designer. Here are some denim DIY do’s to resuscitate old jeans that are just “dyeing” to be brought back to life.

Use fabric dye to create your own colorful straight-leg denims or bright denim cutoffs: 

1) Rescue an old pair of blue or black denims, or add a splash of color to white jeans.

2) Purchase fabric dye suitable for denim. Remember that polyester thread is often used to sew blue jeans.

3) Plan your design. Rubber bands can be used to secure fabric for tie dying, and duct tape can be used to create other designs.

4) If you want to lighten the jeans before using dye, or if you plan to tie dye, soak jeans in a mix of bleach and hot water – ensuring that the fabric gets completely saturated. Then rinse and dry.

5) To dye denim, begin by wetting jeans in a large bucket of hot water.

6) When using the dye, follow the package instructions carefully, and saturate the fabric evenly with color. Alternatively, you can use a sponge to blot various colors onto denim.

7) Let stand in the dye for the recommended time, and rinse following the instructions indicated on the dye package. Usually the package recommends hang-drying.

Additional fun ways to revive your denim: 

Distress the jeans: To distress denim, use a cheese grater, sand paper, or scissors to achieve a worn look.

Jazz up an old pair of 70’s inspired wide-leg jeans with a crochet embellishment: Crochet flowers or designs sewn to the bottom of wide-leg jeans adds a unique “flair.”

Add color with fabric patches or a fabric belt: It’s very easy to sew a colorful patch to the pocket or knees of old drab denims. This alone can add some color and character to an otherwise dull pair of jeans. Try sporting a bright fabric belt, or weave a scarf around your waistband.

Before setting out to buy something new, first try to re-vamp an old pair of boring or worn-out jeans. Give them a completely new and unique look (not to mention wallet-friendly) that is right on par with the current/revived trends.

No more denim blues for you!


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