Daylight hours are dwindling. The sun is setting and tiredness sets in before I’ve even considered what to have for dinner. My carbohydrate cravings are twice as intense as usual. It must be autumn.

En route from the office back home, twilight skies trick me into thinking it’s bedtime. The clock on the console says differently, but my confused body seems to believe the sky. This happens every year, but the onset of autumn never gets any easier. On evenings like this, I yearn to escape to summer. My body wants to hibernate, but I think it just needs a little trek to the southern hemisphere! I look wistfully at flights online… Buenos Aires, Bali, Zanzibar, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro… all dream destinations where it will soon be summer. Expectedly, but regrettably, flights to these exotic escapes are not cheap.

Though I can’t physically visit the southern hemisphere, I can travel anywhere in my mind! The sultry, tropical energy of Brazil seems an especially appealing escape on a chilly fall night. To brighten the mood, I can turn on some samba music, make a hot kettle of maté tea, and bring a little Brazilian life into my home. Enjoy these colorful photos and brighten your dreary autumn evening!

Restaurant in Zanzibar


Rio de Janeiro

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