March is full of possibilities. For starters, daylight savings time is going to whisk in this weekend and drop off an extra hour of daylight — something that is bound to put a spring in your step. Speaking of spring, it’s official start is just a few weeks away, meaning warmer temps (finally!) and sunnier days are soon to follow. For some of you more fortunate, March also means spring break and the possibility of a week away from the every day with a grand adventure.

No matter what this month holds for you, these four simple additions are sure to add a bit of style to what is already a stellar wardrobe.


1. What would a spring dress or denim shorts be without a great caramelly-brown belt with gold hardware?  Not nearly as stylish, that’s what. This belt solves the great conundrum of being able to wear it high on your natural waist with a dress, but also slung low through the loops of your favorite pair of denim.  Two for the price of one.

2. Here in Los Angeles, our beanie wearing days have been numbered these past few months thanks to this very tropical winter we’ve had, so I’ve been counting down the days to straw fedoras and structured panama hats for spring. They add a modern twist to a more feminine look and are quite practical to boot.

3. Did someone say grand adventure? If you’re packing your bags this month, you might want to consider packing this one. The soft weatherproof canvas is perfect for everything from hiking a new peak to toting around one’s beach essentials and I’m crazy for this coral color!

4. While this d’Orsay style of shoe has it’s roots in 19th century france, it is very much of the moment.  I love this flat version as an alternative to a ballet flat.  Plus, it’s easy to kick off if there’s a beach stroll or grassy picnic in your future.

Image via Jen Pinkston

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  1. I love changing up the details from one season to the next. While purchasing an entirely new wardrobe is rarely (okay, never) an option, simple purchases of one or two new accents can feel like a brand new you! The d’Orsay flats are a lovely, feminine style that provides the in-between from winter booties to open-toed pumps. Wonderful suggestions!

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