Young love, beginning of the fall college semester…I was walking hand in hand with the boy whom I thought could not be more dandy. We strolled through the courtyard that was smack in the middle of the co-ed dorms, each equipped with their own quaint balcony. Caught in conversation with a dear friend walking with us to my right, all of a sudden I was smack flat on my back, looking up and her and my man. Completely caught of guard, I looked to see what could of possibly been the cause of my sudden relocation–yep, a slimy long banana peel! We all–I mean all 100 people due to the balcony audience, rolled in laughter. Sometimes the sketched comedies of our times do reflect reality after all, and when it happens to you, it’s always important to laugh at yourself. No matter how ridiculous you feel, cracking that smile relieves the embarrassed pain!


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