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RAW HONEY IS A versatile superfood superstar. From immunity and gut health benefits to skin-perfecting properties, this ancient sweetener tastes like nothing else. It’s earthy-sweet taste changes depending on the terrain the bees who make it roam and so do some of the health benefits (learn about manuka honey here). Get a refresher on honey’s health benefits, then slather on a Manuka mask and try one of these amazingly simple, yet obsession-worthy honey recipes.

Baklava Trifle with Raw Honey

Imagine a homemade honey nut crumble sandwiched between layers of rosewater and coconut cashew cream, topped with fresh figs, berries and raw honeycomb – obviously – and then try to tell us you’re not enchanted. Better yet, whip up the easy recipe and just dig right in. MAKE IT

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Coconut-Honey Vegan Ice Cream

This ultra-clean vegan ice cream recipe from Sweet Laurel Bakery is honestly a dream come true. All it takes is two ingredients (and a little cold) to make the most innocently-indulgent and absolutely perfect dessert we’ve ever met. MAKE IT

Rose Petal-Infused Honey

More like a magic trick than a recipe, learning the simple process of infusing honey with rose gives it an addictively delicate and fragrant upgrade – and gives you permission to turn any recipe into a honey recipe. Stash a jar and drizzle it across everything; we love some atop seasonal fruit, coconut yogurt, grilled veggies, or swirled into tonics and cocktailsMAKE IT

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