Though normal to feel overwhelmed right about now — the calendar flips earlier every year — here at Darling we’re consciously choosing to embrace the now; we’re looking ahead intentionally and purposefully and we invite you to do the same.

A fun way to do that is with home reorganization. It’s where we’re about to spend a lot of time over the holidays, after all, so rather than thinking about how sad it might be to pack up the tinsel come January, we’re already dreaming up a few ways to clear space for something new.

Below, a few members of the Darling team share what we’re eyeing in order to do just that. And what better place to cast a vision than at one of our go-tos, CB2?

Attach to the wall bookcase. A great use of space and minimalism for interior design.

Planters off the ground. Because when you grow your own basil and mint, it’s just easier not to have to always stoop down to chop them.

Bar Cart. A long-time item on my wish list for entertaining.

This limited edition “cut paper” art piece is so fun and the colors are my absolute favorite.

This Marshall Stanmore speaker is so cool—looks just like a classic Marshall guitar amp, which I love since I’ve played from the age of 13!

I’m a pillow fiend. And you can never go wrong with a weaved, graphic one.

I have had my sights set on redoing my dining area in 2018, thus the inspiration for a new table.

Plus chairs.

And a few accessories to make my current cart a true bar cart: ice bucket, decanter, gold coasters & straws.

This looks like someone I’d love to lunch with and just listen to her stories. This also brings me back to watching Mrs. Roper on Three’s Company on loop in my bunkbed.

My idea of the perfect outdoor sofa to lounge, read and write under the sun.

I’ve been told to always have a conversation starter piece in every room of your home. This would be mine for the living room. It would also help get me through until the next season of Game of Thrones.

I dream of having sheets that my giant dog hasn’t tracked dirt all over. I’d at least try to give these organic ones a fighting chance.

A good rug is all a room really needs. (In my humble, probably not practical, opinion.)

After thinking I could get by without a decent floor mirror, two years later, I’ve learned that I absolutely cannot.

The visual impact of this bookcase is gorgeous—such a unique way to display books!

I love abstract art and this piece in particular due to the balance, symmetry and color of the composition.

I’m obsessed with the color and shape of this chair — a touch of modern mixed with vintage.

First I love that this is on sale, and second, it looks like the perfect go-to blanket for cold nights in.

The hexagonal weight on this USB cable is so clever and unique so you’ll know which one is yours.

I love the handmade texture and stout shape of this mug. The handle also looks just right for keeping your knuckles safe from a cup of something hot and sweet.

This rug has the right balance of cozy and structure.

This chair is the perfect balance of elegant and classic.

Perfect lighting is essential for setting the mood in any room and this floor lamp is elegant and striking.

What about you? Eyeing anything for your own space to freshen it up in the new year?

This post is brought to you by Darling partner, CB2. All thoughts, opinions and reviews remain Darling’s own.

All images by CB2



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