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A Note From Our Guest Editor*, Estée: At the end of every year, it has become a tradition of mine to film a yearly beauty favourites video where I talk about all of my favourite beauty products from the previous year and why I have loved them so much. This year many of the products had been featured in my monthly favourites videos but there was some I hadn’t spoke about before. This is definitely a good post to get you started in the world of great beauty products! 

This year I have streamlined my make-up collection so that I now only have my absolute favourite products, plus some newer products I have been testing. I rekindled my love for the Chanel Bronzing Make-Up Base in the last half of the year, fell in love with Chanel Boy Lipstick and converted my skincare to only MV Organics along with a few others.

Stay tuned for more from Estée later this month! Until then, find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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Images via Estée Lalonde


    1. If you click through to view the video on YouTube (click the YouTube icon in the bottom righthand corner), there is a list of products in the description box.

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