Think dreamy melodies and nostalgia, and you’ve got The Hunts’ catchy new single “Make This Leap.”

Led by vocalists Josh and Jenni Hunt, these seven siblings from Chesapeake, Virginia, play Americana, indie-inspired folk. Between a mother who is a classically trained violinist and a self-taught guitarist father, the five brothers (Josh, Jonathan, Jordan, Justin and Jamison) and two sisters (twins Jenni and Jessi) learned to love music from childhood, experimenting with the mandolin, piano, ukelele, banjo and drums. “If there was something that caught our interest, our mom was really quick to put that instrument into our hands,” says Jessi. From community festivals to developing a touring act, The Hunts are proud to present their debut EP, Life was Simple.

The Hunts - Life Was Simple EP

So go ahead, and give ’em a listen!

A note from Jenni Hunt:

Sometimes we think our music could very well be christened the melodic version of our lives. Life Was Simple is a collection of folky tunes and lyrics built up of the stuff we remember, experienced, and learned along the way. It’s very much about where we came from and where we’re going. As kids we didn’t know we were poor; life was care free, full of our imaginations and make believe, fun and forts, sisterhood and brotherhood—life was simple. That simplicity is a time and place we share and often reminisce in our music. The cool thing is that we’re still in this together even in the not-so-simple-times, and being siblings undoubtedly strengthens that togetherness both in spirit and in song. We set out to continue writing from the very heart of our past and the core of our dreams.

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