Give Her A Listen: Transviolet

Transviolet has achieved a daring feat. The LA based quartet, consisting of Sarah McTaggart, Judah McCarthy, Michael Panek and Jon Garcia, has written and produced the kind of song you can put on repeat without annoying your roommates because they, too, will be intently listening along to its soft chronicle of a bittersweet departure from youth’s naivety.

“Girls Your Age” first strikes you with a hypnotic beat, which McTaggart then uses to coo the coming of age story of a heroine.

Within weeks of release, the track has caught the attention of Katy Perry and Harry Styles both who have professed their love for the single that’s racked over a million plays and counting on Spotify. With only a four-song self-titled EP released, Transviolet has hit the tour circuit with some unreleased tracks as well. Take a listen before their next celebrity shout out.

A note from Sarah on Katy Perry’s support:

Her little brother & I were childhood friends, but I hadn’t spoken to her in years so I didn’t even know that she had even got ahold of our music. When she tweeted it, it definitely was a surprise, and we thought it was a really cool thing for her to do to support artists that haven’t really made it yet.

Find more of Transviolet on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Photo via Alex R. Kirzhner


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