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Today we’re pleased to introduce you to the hauntingly beautiful, yet incredibly inspired sounds of Joseph, three sisters from the Pacific Northwest who quit their nannying jobs to take to traveling and playing the West Coast. With their debut album, Native Dreamer Kin, out just yesterday, we’re confident that you’ll be hearing more of their harmonies in the not-so-distant future. Give ’em a listen!

A note from Joseph:

We started work on our first full length record last summer and in the midst of it we realized our band name – Dearborn – didn’t fit us anymore. It was overly girlish, sugary sounding and we had no ties to Michigan. The new songs we were writing had outgrown our current image of peplum shirts, dresses and heels; so after coming back from a camping trip with Grandpa Jo in Joseph, Oregon – Allie tentatively suggested Joseph as our new name. Immediately, it struck us. 

Find Joseph’s website here, and follow them on NoisetradeFacebook, Twitter and Instagram, @thebandjoseph.

Image via Sergey Kolivayko of Utmost Creative

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