Resist distractions and “be all there” with these tips:

10. Write With Write Room
Microsoft Office is excellent for a lot of things. Staying focused, however, is not one of them. With so many button available to push, it’s easy to be constantly interrupted. Write Room is an app made specifically to remove all the “amazing features” and forces us to get focusing on the amazing content of our writing.

11. Be All There
A wise man once said, “Wherever you are, be all there.” We all wear different hats: work, family, friends, recreational. The key? Do work while you are at work. Do family when you are with your family. We lose purpose and productivity when we try to do everything all of the time. We end up thinking about work while we are with our family, responding to texts from co-workers while we are at home.

12. Utilize Zenware
Can’t resist the quick peak at Facebook when you are on a tight deadline? It’s time to use technology to protect us from technology. Zenware is a type of program available on your smartphone, tablet and laptop that will turn off the internet during periods you must work. (My favorite is ‘Freedom’.) It costs $10, but it will save you thousands.

How do you practice “being all there”?

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  1. Hello!

    I have an alternative app for number 12. I’ve never used Zenware, but I do use SelfControl. It is very similar. You can either block certain sites (i.e. Facebook, pinterest) or only allow access to certain sites (i.e. dictionary.com, email servers), for a set amount of time from 5 minutes to a full day. It’s a free downloadable app for Macs at selfcontrolapp.com. I can vouch that it has certainly helped me stay focused, especially during finals week.

    1. Rose- thanks for the suggestion on SelfControl! Zenware is actually the general category for apps like Selfcontrol, but I 1- didn’t make that clear enough, 2- haven’t used Selfcontrol specifically so am excited to hear about it. Hopefully you killed Finals!

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