Hone your attention and get more accomplished with these distraction fighters:

7. Your Best For The Day’s Worst
When the workday “does it’s worst”, tackle it with your very best. This means you should leave the emails for later and pound out the proposal now. The earlier in the day, the more energy you will have, and the easier it will be to complete what you need to. To give your best for the day’s worst, take on the harder tasks first.

8. No Sleep Substitute
You always take the time to charge your phone. You’re careful to charge your laptop, but do you show the same concern for re-charging yourself? You should. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, good luck. Reading and sending work email on a smartphone late into the evening doesn’t just make it harder to get a decent night’s sleep, but new research findings show it also exhausts workers by morning and leaves them disengaged by the next afternoon.

9. Do Less
 Yes, I said it — we should be doing fewer things of more value. Take stock of your activities during the course of the last week. What could be eliminated that might allow you to better focus on the tasks and challenges that matter?

What’s something that really needs your focus right now? 

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Image via Kathryn McCrary


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