Usually, a wardrobe receives multiple visits throughout our day. My wardrobe is extremely familiar with me because I like to change for every occasion–not for vanity, but for physical and mental comfort. With clothing being a part of our everyday existence it should function as does the foundation of our homes, the engines of our cars, and the software on our computers–efficiently. It can be hard to distinguish what exactly we need, however some basic guidelines ring true for every woman. These fundamental pieces should be the building blocks for us to add our own personal touch to in our daily dressing. Each of these garments should be quality in fabrication, fit, and function.

Fabric:Look for better quality cotton, wools, and silks. When choosing synthetic fibers look for nicer rayons, polyester blends, and thicker nylons and lycra’s.

Fit: Seams should not be pulling. Sleeve and hem lengths should work to balance your body proportionally. Do not look at the labeled size, every company distinguishes its own size charts; simply evaluate what fits the beautiful lines of your current figure.

Function: We often love to collect those items in our closet that look, feel, or seem “oh so fabulous” but after being worn for more than an hour we feel they must be removed. These can be fun additions to our closet but they should not be the foundation. Every piece should be comfortable and fit the functions within our life. If you are running around town all day long the majority of your days, a slim fit pencil skirt and 4 inch stilettos will most likely not be part of your foundation.

Do not be tempted to have every variety of each garment. Find what is best for your body type, suits your personal style, and is constructed in colors that compliment and delight you. Utilize sales to find the best value, but do not settle if it does not pass the “Fabric, Fit, Function” evaluation. Darling will always present you with fashion affordable for the “normal” girl, however, you will notice the items below are a little more pricey. Here’s why: “staple pieces” should be of high quality and items you collect to keep for a lifetime. Be patient. Save up. And take care of your investments.

Most of your “go-to” basics should be individually selected, most complimentary colors for you. Some classic colors are: white, navy, tan, grey, or black.

Let’s take a look at some “functional necessities” that should grace your closet:

Stylized Blouse

Lauren Moffatt

White Button Up


Basic Tee


Wool or Cashmere Cardigan Sweater

J Crew

Collared Jacket

Rag & Bone



Dark Denim Jeans

J Brand

Knee Length Skirt

J Crew

Solid Color Simple Dress


Nice Real Leather Purse

Rebecca Minkoff

Simple Flats

J Crew


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