Fruitful Fields

This year I held doubt close
And found sorrow in all seasons
But my heart is still here.

This year I lost love
Over and over and over again
But my heart is still here.

This year I shivered and fevered
And felt the edge of the forest near
But my heart is still here.

I saw goodness enough, too, and more
Saw frayed ends fastened by friendship
Saw desperation undone by delight
Saw loss and life rising up to meet it
My heart is still here.

I took in breathtaking storms
But breathed in sunsets and sunrises
Walked arm in arm with grief
Then watched her disappear
My heart is still here.

A year between us and these hands we hold
Some new faces, some empty places
The fields were filled with fruitful toil
My heart is still here, and so is yours
And for that I am eternally thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving, Darlings.

Image via Auste Skrupskyte

Natalie is a writer, baker, dreamer, inspirer and all-around happy girl who loves a small-town pace and a great farmer’s market. She writes about finding the beautiful in everyday life over at Good Girl Style.