A woman looking onward with green shrubs in her hair

If your heart is broken
Your compass, confused
Your intuition, silent
Your hope, abused

If it’s not what you pictured
And you just don’t know why
Everything feels backward
Or the love was a lie

Then take a deep breath
Just one, then one more
Your chest will rise bravely
Even when your hearts sore

You may not have noticed
When you fell to your knees
The pressure prepped the soil
Your cries invited the bees

And when you were weeping
While honoring your pain
Tears nourished the earth
Healing comes with the rain

Your story is not over
Love embraces your heart
All you need is within you
The fear will depart

This is the part of the story
That will make you wise
You’ll look back and say
“I have learned how to rise.”

How has your 2020 been so far? How have you learned to cultivate hope when life doesn’t go as planned?

Image via Sally Hateswing, Darling Issue No. 20



  1. This is beautiful, and it spoke right to my heart–even before the global pandemic, I was having a rough 2020 (breakup, academic rejection, etc.), and I needed this reminder that suffering isn’t the end, but the beginning

    1. Wow, thank you so much for sharing Ella. We’re so glad it spoke to you.

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