When was the last time you made a list of wardrobe goals? Do you have some for 2014? As a woman it is important to invest in staple wardrobe pieces, those items that you’ll have in your closet for 20+ years.  To move beyond trendy and curate a style that’s classic and chic, here’s a list of our top five investment suggestions.  Remember: it’s quality over quantity. These items below can be used season after season, and because they are outwear and accessories they will really go the distance. That’s the key to investing in a few great items for your wardrobe.

Timeless Black Pumps

An amazing pair of black heels can last you a lifetime and can be a lifesaver when you are rushing out the door for a business meeting or getting dressed up for a cocktail party. They will make your life easier in so many ways – why not spend more for a pair that really makes your heart sing? The important thing is to choose a style you will always gravitate towards (for us, that’s a pointy closed toed pump) and get it in a heel that’s not too dramatic – about 3″ is high enough to make you feel dressed up but not so high that you can’t stand for a few hours in them.

The Versatile Trench Coat

There’s a good reason Burberry has been making them for years and years and they still sell their classic version. You don’t have to go out and splurge on the Burberry one but you should find one that has a classic style and not too many trendy bells and whistles. Tan is always your best bet – it goes with brown outfits or black and can be worn layered in the winter or over dresses in the spring. We love this take on the classic trench too.

The Fedora

There are just days that your hair belongs under a hat. It happens to the best of us. Take the pressure off of yourself to always have your hair done up by throwing on a stylish hat that makes you look and feel amazing. It also dresses up a casual outfit and adds a little extra flair to anything you have on. We love this one – the suede color goes with everything and, like the trench, would work with dressed up or down outfits.

Menswear Inspired Loafers

We love items that not only look good, but make you feel good. Anything borrowed from the men’s department tends to fit in this category, but loafers also happen to look good on everyone. And they are such a fun compliment to a pair of cropped cigarette pants, a shift dress, or your favorite jeans. There are amazing ones out right now at Jcrew with tassels, monograms, and more. If you get them in black they will go with everything – or pick a fun pattern (like cheetah!) and you’ll be surprised at how versatile these shoes can be. Plus your feet will be happy to trade in your heels for a day.

A Bold Statement Necklace

Accessories are the best way to add bang to your wardrobe without spending a ton of money. One thing that can be worth splurging on is a bold statement necklace – choose something with just a few colors – that way you can add it to a party dress or a plain white oxford and it will work both ways. We love dressing up a tee and jeans with a big ‘ol necklace – we say you never need an excuse to get a little fancy!

Now go conquer 2014 with your fierce new wardrobe additions!

Image courtesy of The Refined Woman


  1. Definitely agree with the trench coat! I have a Navy one from Neiman Marcus and I have had it for years. It goes with everything and makes any outfit look 2x more chic! Great to invest in a good quality one: they will last you forever and will never go out of style.

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