There really is something quite magical about the holidays. Amidst hectic schedules, deadlines and the ever running to-do list we carve out time to be with one another.  From party to party we traipse around while sipping mulled wine, swapping white elephant gifts, and enjoying the people that we love.

Hosting a holiday party can get quite overwhelming, however.  Self-inflicted pressure to be the hostess with the mostest can steal the joy of truly being present, even at our own party.  One thing we value at The Refined Woman is excellence (so please throw a wonderful party!) as well as balance to help fight against comparison with others. As the running around continues and the whirling of party planning takes its natural course, we need to incorporate the opposite with our winter celebratory attire. We need to keep it simple and keep it classy.

Coco Chanel says, “before leaving the house a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory.”  In light of Miss Chanel, we encourage you to:

Stay With A Simple Color Palette

Recently a friend of mine traveled to Paris for a month. A few weeks into her trip it dawned on her what was so different about Parisian style from American.  Ladies typically wear no more than three colors at once and if they are going to wear anything particularly bold it will be with a fun accessory.  Our suggestion to emulate this is to pull out your favorite little black dress, pair it with textured tights, and spice it up with some fun jewelry.

Gold Is The New Black

There are few times in the year where glitter, gold and sequins are as embraced as the holidays.  We say go for it, but as with any trend be careful you don’t go overboard.  If you decide on a fun glitter top, pair it with a neutral A-line or pencil skirt.  If you go for a gold dress, make sure it’s a classic silhouette that is flattering to your figure (A-line silhouettes look great on most women). Remember that modest is hottest.  Go bold with a gold or glitter dress, but make sure it’s in a classy and elegant way. Four fingers above the knee should be as high as the hemline goes.

It’s All In The Details

It’s the tiny, almost unseen nuances that can really make an outfit. For instance, when is there a better excuse to get your nails done or your eyebrows waxed? A holiday soiree is the perfect time for both! Don’t be afraid to go bold with your lipstick, as many ladies get nervous to bring out the red. Nars Dragon Girl and Cruella are two great options which look flattering on most women. Lastly, find little pieces that really feel like you for that unique touch. If you’re loving the Kate Spade “put a bow on it” collection, add a touch of the interest by wearing a simple gold bow ring.

So all in all, remember that when dressing for the holidays to be classy, modest and attentive to the details. Most importantly, spread joy, cheer and fun!

Image courtesy of The Refined Woman



  1. This is amazing! Love having two of my faves, the Refined Woman and Darling Magazine, in one article!!!!

  2. Love this! Kat and Em do a great job of creating outfits with classic silouettes that are anything but boring! So great!!

  3. We’re so honored to do this article for y’all! You inspire us + so many women all over the world!! WE <3 Darling!

  4. Oh my! This is just darling! I’m such a fan of the ladies behind The Refined Woman & I’m loving that the new black is GOLD! Thanks for sharing tips on keeping it simple yet BOLD. Love!

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