Tis’ the season for nail polish and nail art. Many women are heading to the store to buy their manicures, even during the recession. In a recent article by Yahoo! Shine Editor, Joanna Douglas mused, “According to Women’s Wear Daily, nail polish sales were up 59% for the first 10 months of the year and it fared better than any other beauty product in these tough financial times. In fact, both colored lacquer and top/base coat sales were up 50%, which implies ladies are giving themselves complete at-home manicures.” If statistics say anything true, then we want to bring you Darling’s 5 Favorite Nail Polishes for the holiday season!

1. All things Bright: “Wallis” by Butter London: this color makes me think of a gold hued Christmas tree, but is still funky enough to pass for a holiday color.


2. All things Cold Winter Night: Dior Winter Collection: dark is an alternative all year long. But dark colors add a bit of unexpected contrast to your bright mood this holiday season. Plus pair the dark nails with a bright dress for a super classic, but unexpected Cold-Winter-Night feel. Matte is a fun look too; try a matte black or grey.


3. All things Shiny: Sephora by OPI Collection: this glitter collection is perfect for any holiday party, or for adding joy to your heart every time you look at your hands.


4. All things Classic: Essie: Limited Addiction: when in doubt, dare to be red! Red nails are so classy and classic, we love to do them all year long. It’s not only a statement but an accessory.


5. All things Merry: Salon Effects by Sally Hansen: the quickest way to get unique styled nails for the holidays based on either your ugly sweater or your floor length glitter gown.


Photo Credit:  http://blanketprint.tumblr.comwww.hudabeauty.com