We’re back with the fourth installment of Darling High Fives! In case you’ve missed our previous rounds, High Fives are our way of shouting out the many, many awesome brands we come across as a, “Hi. We see you. We think you’re pretty great and we want everyone to know about you, too!”

Below are five brands that aim to funnel different aspects of life — including weddings, motherhood, even that time of the month — into world-changing goodness. We could all use more of that, yeah? Read on and don’t forget, if you’d like to see a company listed here, then get it on our radar by adding to the comment section or tagging #DarlingHighFives on social!

The Good Beginning Wedding Registry

We can’t help but say “I do” if someone were to ask if we love what this wedding registry stands for. Founded by Los Angeles-based wedding planner Beth Helmstetter after she traveled to Haiti with her church, The Good Beginning has captured the attention of CNBC, Forbes and The New York Times.

And it’s no surprise, seeing as how the company makes it easy for couples to curate wedding registries while choosing over 300 charities that can benefit from it in the process. What better way to give back than in the name of love?

 Misha & Puff

Image via Misha & Puff

What’s better than a brand that makes safe clothing for your loved ones in order to provide a living for their loved ones? Think pastel popcorn sweaters, beach jackets and bonnets made with 100% Peruvian cotton and are hand-dyed with sustainable dyes. Each garment from Misha & Puff is made with the utmost care by female knitters in Peru, who are ether working from home or at a knitting center that supplies meals and daycare. With every stitch and every purchase motherhood is progressed, for both the customer and creator.

Wild + Free

Image via bewildandfree.org

Wild + Free is bringing childlike joy and bliss to the homeschooling community. While educating their children, this growing community of moms provides resources to make it easy to teach the curriculum of life, encouraging kids to learn from their surroundings in nature, from human connection and in noticing the little things.


Image via Bitte

This online shop is all about providing mothers with access to sustainable products that are healthy for their little ones and the earth they are growing up in. Consider this your one stop, ethical shop for toys, clothes and food accessories. Now that is something we don’t mind one “bitte!”

WomenStrong International

Image via womenstrong.org

Periods are a fact of life, but for women and girls without healthy menstrual necessities, a period can also mean a barrier to success. In pursuit of “empowering the period,” WomenStrong International educates women in countries like Ghana, Haiti, India, Kenya and parts of the United States on period and birth health, menstrual pads and gaining access to “basic facilities” like school toilets.

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Feature Image via Zoey Jean


  1. We are truly enjoying the empowering articles from Darling Daily. Our Evernote file is full of your articles that we tag for our nightly reading. We’d love to introduce you to our company since our goal of empowering girls is the same as Darling’s…however, we focus on young girls. Here at iBbeautiful our mission is to help teach young girls that they are BEAUTIFUL JUST AS THEY ARE WITHOUT COMPARISON TO OTHERS.

    We ship a monthly subscription box that is not only filled with goodies but all curated around a monthly theme of empowerment such as ….’be your own superhero’, ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’, and ‘be you, bravely’.

    We get daily emails from moms thanking us for these empowering messages and stories about how our message is really helping their girls with getting to know themselves better and gaining more confident. We would be honored to be in your High Fives!

    Cindy Lupica

  2. Thank you so much for your support of awesome, small businesses!

    I’d like to submit our business for the next High Fives: The Deeply Co. (www.thedeeplyco.com)

    The Deeply Co is an entity that exists to celebrate beauty. Through our intimate gatherings of music + art, online retail space, and blog – the heart of Deeply quickens at every opportunity to revel in loveliness. You can find us on the road partnering with creatives of all kinds, hosting one of a kind evenings to celebrate one of a kind people. Our shop collection is an extension of our mission – encapsulated in effortless, simple, chic pieces designed by brands we are proud to stand alongside. We value the art of a beautiful life, and we believe that it’s luster shines not with career titles, roles, or life chapters – but rather that it softly glows within the unending choice to extend love, ever and always, deeply.

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