1. Wild Harvested Incense Sticks ($12)
These sticks pleasantly surprise as they add a fragrance to the home that creates an atmosphere through scent not smoky haze that you want to escape.

2. Brass Bottle Opener ($40)
Holiday parties provide opportunities to to have a sleek bottle opener on hand. These brass designs will be timeless in look and durable in make to be utilized for years ahead.

3. Vintage Match Boxes ($6)
To compliment the incense as well as prove handy in case the lights go out, these stylist match boxes don’t even have to be hidden in the junk drawer.

4. Walnut AirSlab ($55)
With so many couples having their very own laptops that they take on the go and enjoy at home, the AirSlab is versatile and exceptional at making the never ending necessity of computing much more enjoyable by avoiding over heating and transforming surfaces into easy to use desks.

5. Apolis + Kinfolk Garden Bag ($78)
The perfect waxed burlap bag for carrying everything from water to wine to juice bottles, bringing lunch to the park, and even holding your books and projects for the day.

Gift selection by Mercedes Lauren Curran; Graphics by Natalie Lynn Borton.

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