Missed out on some of the awesome Darling events that happened this month? No worries, check out the latest recaps below and be sure to stay tuned to reserve your seat at the next one!

Darling Dinner No. 11

An evening of refreshing authenticity and intentional conversation was had once again at our 11th Darling Dinner. Candles flickered as beautiful (and incredibly stylish) women filled a dimly lit room. It didn’t take long for a room full of strangers to feel like a group of old friends.

Guests sipped on deliciously unique whiskey-grapefruit cocktails and wine from Union Wine Company while munching on some homemade potato-leek empanadas until formally welcomed by the wonderful Kara of Willow and Niche who curated the evening. Guests then sat down to have a meal prepared by the incredibly talented Steph of Confetti Plate. She spoiled us with a lush grain salad with edamame and sautéed kale (yes, she actually made kale taste good)! The conversation, like the food on our plates, was abundant.

Darling Dinners are able to bring to life everything embodied by Darling Magazine. By sharing personal stories, thoughts, ideas, an encouraging and supportive community is formed.

I was pleasantly shocked by the vulnerability in everyone’s answers in regards to the question of the evening, which focused on what it means to you to “do good” and how we can use what we are “good” at to be a catalyst for positive change in society.  A recurring theme of everyone’s answers seemed to be the idea of discovering one’s passion and the idea of time. Time seems to be everyone’s biggest enemy these days, making it hard to be present in today’s social media obsessed society. It is so easy to always be thinking of the future and what’s next on our to-do lists, but being present is just as important. That is exactly what these Darling Dinners are able to let us do- slow down, be present, and have a delicious meal while learning from other incredible people who we may not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise.

Darling Dinner No. 12

Darling Dinner No. 12 was another wonderful evening spent eating great food and engaging in stimulating conversation. A bright room filled with beautiful flowers from the generous and talented Jenn Sanchez, a Darling Dinner regular, welcomed guests.

There is never a shortage of great food at Darling Dinners. Shanti of Forks and Vinyl prepared a wonderful meal including roasted curry-cumin cauliflower with pomegranate and sea-salted dates. What makes good food and good company even better? Good wine. An abundance of wine thanks to Union Wine Company was just another aspect of a great evening.

As with every Darling Dinner, there was a table question that helps to spark discussion. This dinner we focused on the idea of how we use our beauty as a tool of good or evil.

Darling Dinners are a place where you can not only share your thoughts, ideas, and perspectives without fear of judgement, but are also an encouraging, warm environment where you are able to learn from others. Honesty and sincerity help to create a community of love and understanding. The beautiful evening curated by Kara Dykert of Willow and Niche was captured through the lens of the talented Brooke Borough.

I can’t think of a better way to end a day than with a delicious meal, music, and lovely conversations with women I just met who suddenly feel like the closest of friends. They’re inspiring, these dinners. They remind me that the beginning to meaningful relationships doesn’t need to be overcomplicated, but instead, simplified. All it takes is one woman who chooses to talk about things that matter. Choosing authenticity over superficiality. – Jenn Sanchez

Darling Brunch

This past Valentine’s Day was spent cultivating love at the Darling Space.

Steph Chang of Confetti Plate blew us away once again with her culinary talents. Farmbox LA and Steph teamed up to create a colorful, delicious, and organic meal. The quality of the produce from Farmbox LA really made all the difference. Guests munched on toasts topped with beet hummus and shaved Brussels sprouts, egg-leak bakes, and crispy beef-cheddar envelopes.

After the meal, Alicia of Elique Organics led the ladies in a body scrub making workshop using 100% natural ingredients. The scent of hibiscus and rose lingered in the room.

What better way to end the morning than with cupcakes from Misobakes that looked almost too good to eat. Swag bags filled with goodies from Farmbox, Kevita, and Barkthins were handed to ladies as they left. Single or not, you were sure to have left this love-filled brunch with 24 Valentines.

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Images via Poeima Photography

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