Every Darling Dinner might have the same premise — to bring women together to share and connect over supper — however, no two dinners are ever alike in the experience and stories that are shared. We asked Darling Market Editor Mercedes Curran to share her perpsective on what moved her the most during our fifth dinner. We invite you to read her thoughts below and to please join us for the next!

Being the Market Editor at Darling has enabled me to be a part of many exciting, challenging, and beautiful experiences. As we have grown, one of the most rewarding has proven to be joining the table for our Darling Dinners.

At these monthly meals, we gather a diversity of women together to enjoy Theresa’s delicious dinners from More Butter Please, where we revel in music, cocktails, a themed meal, wine, and dessert; I mean—how could one have anything but lovely time? And while I do always expect a wonderful evening, there are still times when I have found myself surprised by the power of discovered commonalities between new friends.

At the most recent of these evenings, upon entering Theresa’s loft, I was greeted by a beautiful woman who was eager to make my acquaintance. I was complimented, but slightly confused, as usually no one knows who I am until the dinner begins. She said that we had a mutual friend and that she wanted to talk to me because she knew about my recently diagnosed disease: multiple sclerosis.

This might like a downer, yet, as we both stood there talking about our common symptoms (numbness, lack of coordination, heaviness, weakness, etc.) with smiles on our faces, I was reminded that, no matter the challenges one encounters in life, we are not alone.

… we create beauty and embody love by looking at the unique beauty in others and in the creation around us

Over the dinner we each were posed with the questions of how we can create beauty and embody love and how can we tell the truth with grace. As I looked across the table at my new friend who expressed the same opinion — that we create beauty and embody love by looking at the unique beauty in others and in the creation around us — I was affirmed once again that we go through every challenge in order to be able to empathize with and encourage someone else.

I am still learning how to live within my new boundaries of autoimmune disease, however, I am comforted that no matter the course my life takes, I will not be alone. Every Darling Dinner brings a new perspective and I look forward to the months and years to come cultivating the relationships and revelations I am given through the Darling Movement.

Images via Milena Mallory

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  1. Such positivity and beauty shared and showcased by Mercedes; not only in her daily adventures with Darling and the profound and captivating experiences that come from dining with a room full of inspiring women, but how she views life and chooses to step up and continue a strong journey, with MS resting quietly in her backpack, barely audible under her strength.

    ‘…we create beauty and embody love by looking at the unique beauty in others and in the creation around us.’

    Indeed 🙂

    Thank you!

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