Honestly, these Darling Dinners continue to amaze us with the level of genuine honesty and intentionality that they reach. Each one always seems to have been hand-picked for the conversation at hand. While many might feel hesitant to walk into a room of complete strangers, the women who are a part of the #DarlingMovement truly embody the gain that comes with stepping into new circumstances. We asked Darling Dinner No.6 attendee Lisa Libertore to share her thoughts on the evening.

It was an ideal summer evening in the arts district of LA.

We were welcomed upstairs to the sights, sounds, and scents of what promised to be the most darling dinner in a perfectly curated loft complete with twinkly lights hanging above the table. Having connected with the Darling Movement earlier this year, I saw a few familiar faces and quickly introduced my friend that I had brought along. We met some new friends with glass goblets of delicious watermelon cocktail before joining around the table and splitting into our conversation groups.

In all her hostess glory, the lovely Theresa introduced the meal before promptly setting it before us. The evening was southern inspired and it may have been the best fried chicken and homemade ranch dressing I’ve ever tasted. After filling our plates we started with the question, “How do you see women being regarded with contempt or disrespect in the world around you? Have we evolved as a society to embrace womanhood, or has degradation only changed its form?”

Each woman around the table shared her unique perspective from her sphere of influence, which ranged from the restaurant industry to the political sphere to the tech world to the education field. The consensus was both positive and negative, at times, as we pondered the appearance factor and how we can work to make it better. Someone quoted The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (which also happens to be a favorite around the Darling office!) to remind us,

Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.

We then discussed how we could be positive catalysts in our society. Everyone agreed that investing in relationships was the starting point for bringing about positive change. Many echoed the value of listening as a skill to be sought after and fully embraced as a core value. It is so important to first model in our own lives what we hope the world can become, and to approach every interaction with a certain amount of grace. In doing so we can bring out the best in those around us and create an environment of trust that breeds truth.

It’s amazing to see how community is formed so simply and beautifully around the table. The connections and relationships found and made at Darling Dinners are deep and have the potential to last a lifetime. On a personal note, I met one of my dearest friends at my first dinner back in March. Our most recent adventure involved soaring to new heights in a hot air balloon for my birthday and I envision many more to come. Darling has enabled me to find community in the most unexpected place. Living in Los Angeles, it is so refreshing to be part of a group of such authentic and diverse women.

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Photos by Caroline Lee of Woodnote Photography

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