"You just need to know what you want to say and who you want to change."

Happiness is to mean all should have a chance to find it.

Let’s stop thinking of small talk as a means to an end. Let’s make it a beginning.

Sure, it's an extra day off. But do you know why?

“Look at how far we have come. Think of how far we can go.”

A new series sharing Darling articles in a bite-sized format.

The soul-shifting realization that we're all, differently, the same.

Five books which have stood the test of time and from which we can still learn.

To be a strong woman one doesn’t need the world’s approval of outer beauty, but rather

While books may contain life, they aren’t life itself.

Five programs to check out before summer ends.

Our democracy allows for every voice to have its say. Here's how.

We each have a part to play in equality.

I tend to get swept up in the emotion of movies, but this was different.

Maintain the wonder of the theater, for everyone.

10,000 followers and you can change the world. Sort of.

As an introvert, the coloring book tactic was a game changer.

There's a sense of belonging in relating to a poet’s voice.

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