"You just need to know what you want to say and who you want to change."

Five simple ways we can make a difference regardless of what's in our bank account.

“I’m not smart,” she said, her eyes wide with pain.

To wonder as an adult is a daily battle.

There is no doubt that social media has made our lives better in a myriad of ways.

To what degree we have allowed ourselves to be conditioned to conform? What does "unlearning" look like?

Social media allows us to share some of the deepest and most polarizing opinions with the push of a button.

“I get no respect.” The line famously coined by the (slightly) lovable Rodney Dangerfield does much to paraphrase the feeling that many men share

Over 90% of American children have an online presence before the age of two.

Some thoughts from the women who are considered the 20 most powerful in the world, according to Forbes.

A former PA at The Weinstein Company speaks out about her experience and encourages women to keep talking.

We're all connected -- and all the better for it.

"Business has really changed and there is enough to go around for all of us."

"It’s not just about speaking another language; it’s so much more than that."

Making a difference in innovative, practical and even musically-inspired ways.

"What we always hear from the girls is that it’s so empowering to know that they’re part of something bigger."

To dismiss it is to ignore a crucial part of the American story.

Examining some of the main components to global and national oppression of women.

The brands and companies making us smile at the moment.

I once heard that Facebook is like the grocery store. Everyone goes, but not exactly to hang out.

When it all feels complicated, bring it back to this.

The idea itself isn’t groundbreaking or revolutionary, but it is worth taking note of.

If you're still unsure, here's an easy way to define it.

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