Our subconscious takes in uncountable variables throughout each day, processing and filtering them into emotions and actions. The power of color is a component that our subconscious is constantly reacting to. This is due to our ability to see; which depends on the bending of light into colors and shapes that reflect the objects around us.

The study of color’s effect on our minds, or “color psychology,” has been continuously refined. It continues to be studied by scientists, the business world, and individuals–all seeking to know how we can alter our own emotions and actions, as well as those of others, by the use of color. Using this science within our business interactions, homes, and wardrobe can help us convey the messages we want to express to the world around us.

Let us teach you some of the basics, starting with RED

Associations: Passion, love, anger, vitality, life blood.

Effects: Amplifies current emotions, draws attention, and stimulates the brain for more intelligent thought.

Physical Effects: Increases circulation and blood pressure, and gives us more stamina.

Uses: Worn in athletic wear to increase energy, or in business to create success. Fun fact: In many Asian cultures red wedding gowns are worn and used to induce good luck.

When to Wear: When you would like to be noticed. Red can make it look like you have added weight, so be careful how you style it. Red would not be recommended in confrontational situations.

Applying to Your Home: Use red as accents such as pillows, curtains, or singular piece of furniture. Also painting the color red on one wall can help spice up a room.


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