Continued from Color-Ful, a guide to practical color psychology.

Associations: Intellectual thinking, confidence, laughter,  youth and promise of better times to come.

Effects: Makes one more alert, decisive, and organized. Can help to make better choices as well as understand others points of view.

Physical Effects: Stimulates the brain, lymph system, and metabolism. Increases production of serotonin leading to a more optimistic outlook.

Uses: Legal note pads for focus. School buses for visibility and a passage to increased learning.

When to Wear:  Wear when you would like to feel more cheerful and confident–when spending time with family or on a gloomy day.

Apply to Home: Use in rooms to increase learning as well as a positive environment encouraging constant growth and newness–such as a child’s room or library. Avoid acid or intensely bright yellow as the brightness can create jittery nerves; instead, use a soft or golden yellow that will bring a comforting feeling.


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