Continued from Color-Ful, a guide to practical color psychology.


Associations: Nurturing, like the care of a good woman. Calm, sweet, pure.

Effects: Calming and tranquilizing in it’s lightest forms, and bright pink evokes a feminine mystic.

Physical Effects: Mauve pink causes muscles to relax.

Uses: In prisons and sports lockers to subdue prisoners and athletes.

When to Wear: Light shades when you would like to be seen as safe, warm, and compassionate with a specific youthfulness. Good when comforting a friend or family member through a hard time. Be cautious to not come across as naive in pink; for example, in a business situation.

Apply to Your Home: Works best in small doses, usually in the bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen–all areas that convey a safe, restful environment. Using varying shades and tones can create a dynamic yet calm space.


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