We’ve been making our holiday party rounds and think you mostly likely are, too. While it’s a busy yet bright season, in the midst of all the glitz and twinkle we wanted to take a pause and mention one party in particular that Darling had the privilege of attending.


Known for working with some of the top names in the business, esteemed event designer and producer Cara Kleinhaut wanted to do more than create a fabulous night with all the trimmings. She wanted to align her popular #cocktailswithcaravents series with a local organization and harness the power of social media to raise awareness of those doing good.

Dress For Success is a donation based non-profit that serves women worldwide, providing assistance in the job search by gifting professional attire in order to ace upcoming interviews. Once a job has been won, a woman is then able to return and select additional pieces of clothing to aid in excelling at her new career. Beyond clothing, DFS also offers workplace guidance and one-on-one mentorship, full encompassing what it means to come alongside those in need and set them up for long-term success.


For Cara, DFS was the perfect benefactor of a night filled with some of LA’s top fashion influencers and served as the inspiration behind her most recent holiday cocktail party. Together with Sazan Barzani and Sheryl Luke, Cara invited a slew of relevant media outlets and personalities to Mr. C’s for a night united in a spirit of giving. The catch to the evening was that each guest must bring an article of clothing to contribute to the growing donation “closet”, which Cara and her team later gifted to local affiliate, DFS West. Three hundred and thirty items were collected in total.

… tagged in the midst of clever captions and gorgeous photos was awareness for DFS and what they’re doing right.

What Darling loved about the night was the ability to harness the beautiful decor, delicious cocktails and savory bites for more than just an Instagram-able shot. With every social shoutout that emanated from the night (over 2 million impressions and 140 posts), tagged in the midst of clever captions and gorgeous photos was awareness for DFS and what they’re doing right.

In today’s visually-expressive economy, how we use our social media matters — especially for those who have a seemingly unfathomable audience reach. There’s a heart to social media that can either invoke comparison, jealousy and discontent, or awareness, praise, and a call to get involved. Cara hopes to continue uniting #cocktailswithcaravents with missions that build the latter, and we so agree with her. It was refreshing to see how Los Angeles continues to brim — with talent, yes — but also a renewed sense of using that talent for greater purposes.

Here’s a bit more from Cara on her inspiration for the night:

“Over this past year I have been working with many digital influencers for our client’s events and seeing the incredible reach and power they have to promote a product or brand. As Caravents was launching our own Digital Influencer event series, #CocktailsWithCaravents at New York Fashion Week this year, I realized we have major potential to accomplish great things together and promote worthy causes that need attention. We thought for our Holiday gathering let’s inspire and encourage our digital community to #UseYourInfluence for good this holiday season and throughout the year. We were honored to have Mr.C’s Beverly Hills, Absolute Elyx and Giftbags by Rachael as our event sponsors as well as Sazan Barzani and Sheryl Luke of Walk In Wonderland as our co-hosts.”

What have been some of your favorite gatherings this month? 

Learn how to get involved and find your local Dress For Success affiliate, here.
Learn more about Cara’s work by visiting Caravents, Inc and following on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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