Saturday afternoons in the summer can be a perfect time for expanding your horizons and trying something new, especially when you have the comfort of great company.

Darling opened its doors to host our first ever community workshop on Saturday, June 7, and our guests shared in the exciting opportunity to try their hand at a new talent: calligraphy. Our studio was transformed from a space typically utilized for print photo shoots and repurposed to become a sanctuary for cultivating the fine art of vintage penmanship. The Darling ambience was completed with tables dressed in draped chiffon tablecloths and topped with artsy brown kraft paper, glass jars filled to the brim with fresh white flowers, soft, classical music playing in the background, and homemade sweets and treats to welcome the group of cheery students. Our “T”s were crossed and “I”s dotted by outfitting each chair with calligraphy gear galore in preparation for an adventure of scribbles and jottings: a practice pad, penholders and nibs, black ink, and names inscribed in neon peach ink to greet seat with a personal name plate.

Rachel Meadows from Honey Honey Calligraphy graced the studio as the instructor of the festivities and filled the room with her light-hearted fun, passion, and shining personality to foster a classroom of confidence in every student’s capabilities. Guests from our Los Angeles community (and one determined guest traveling from out-of-state) gathered together, laughing and enjoying warm conversation while practicing upstrokes and downstrokes, each adding their own unique flare to the alphabet.

… calligraphy allows for meticulous attention to detail and intention behind every word inscribed on paper.

Cultivating the art of calligraphy brings forth a fresh take to our technology savvy, press-instant world. Instead of demanding a fast-paced, immediate response, calligraphy allows for meticulous attention to detail and intention behind every word inscribed on paper. It is here that we are reminded of the bold power of language and the beauty in creating messages with fresh paper and ink at hand. Gift bags were sent home as a lasting gift for the guests, filled with Darling Magazine letter-pressed stationery sets, courtesy of Alissa Bell Press. Inside each gift, the guests carry with them the biggest message of the afternoon: to get back to basics and spread love in the process.

It was a perfect Saturday afternoon to be reminded of the magic of trading a cell phone for an old-fashioned pen and paper, if only for a few hours, and having a darling time doing so.

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Photographs courtesy of Marlena Pearl

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