Yes you read that title correctly, we are reprinting the issue that set the Darling Movement in stone (or, well, paper), the issue that launched a revolution of women owning their purpose, embodying love and creating beauty.Darling-Issue-1-Magazine-Final-Mock

It’s the very first issue of Darling Magazine and we’re bringing it back for a limited time with your support! We’re asking 1,000 of you, our Darling readers, to pledge $25 ($35 for international orders) to reprint our Issue No. 1. Once our goal is met we’ll hit the presses and have your copy out to you in just four short weeks.

Every issue of Darling is a unique collection of words, stories and photographs, worthy of praise and an hour long cup of tea. But our first issue is near and dear to our heart, so will you join us and bring it back for an encore?

Note: You will only be charged once we reach our goal of 1000 magazines.

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