Tan skin can sometimes feel like a right of passage into summer. Having that radiant glow is all about long beach days, late bonfire nights and weekend travels to be cherished for a lifetime.

Unfortunately, what doesn’t often get invited along for those memories is proper skin care. Whether we’re beckoning the rays with baby oil (I’m totally guilty of doing that in the past) or just neglecting any coverage at all, it’s damage to our body’s largest organ. Luckily, over the years, experts have developed innovative and completely natural products to keep us healthy and lustrous — without the danger of long-lasting repercussions.


Few things are as charming as receiving snail mail. No matter the influx of texts, emails, or even snaps, the sweet sound of tearing an envelope beats them all. And today we take it one step further with handcrafted cards as inspired by A Cup of Jo. No gadgets needed, this is a DIY of purely household goods (and forgotten beauty products) to personalize and marbleize stationery.


In March of 2015 fashion designer Eileen Fisher launched Vision 2020, a plan to achieve 100% sustainability in her clothing lines within five years. Her courageous ranks have since been joined by notable brands around the world; councils on ethical fashion convene in all corners of the globe to discuss progress, changes and breakthroughs.

And it’s undoubtedly a bold move to begin such a transformation from the top down. But for other designers, this ethical pursuit has been a grassroots passion influencing every stage of production. Tine Mollatt, founder of byTiMo and visionary for conscious consumerism, has sought after a holistic approach to design since 2004. Detailing each element from material sourcing to employee relations and buyer experience, byTimo crafts a uniquely tailored mission that’s deeply rooted in integrity.

The realm of carefully curated wardrobes is expanding. We’re peeling off from fast fashion indulgences and moving toward an industry that meticulously assembles timeless collections. Where luxury has previously been an exclusive and unattainable ideal, it’s now coming into light as the new standard.

And pioneering this movement is Maria Gangemi, co-founder of M.Gemi footwear. Not only is she continuously on the cutting edge of style, she simultaneously challenges norms of the trade with her commitment to handcrafted excellence. So, today is an introduction to this brand, their process, and what’s being done to #makesomeroom in our closets.


Kit and Ace is a technical cashmere company sourcing the softest wool from Mongolia and bridging the gap between luxury and everyday apparel. Co-founder Shannon Wilson envisioned a sophisticated fabric that met the needs of comfort and functionality. Along with her stepson, JJ, Shannon brought her passion to life with expert design, modern creativity, and approachable pieces.

Kit and Ace is more than a brand; it’s a lifestyle celebrating the unique influencers who wear their label. We recently had the splendid opportunity of connecting with Shannon and hearing snippets of Kit and Ace’s history, successes of the present, and innovation for their future.

New Year, new you. Sound familiar? We’ve all heard it. Many of us have said it; even fewer of us feel any assurance in our ability to make it come true. Resolutions fly about as wayward as falling snow. We make promises for health, fitness, family, or friends. But so often there’s this semi-joking expectation of failure. And that preemptive guilt, that fear of disappointing before you’ve even begun, can paralyze our potential for progress.

As children, my parents made us sit in rapture at the top of the stairs awaiting an official start to Christmas morning. Until the ripe old age of thirteen, we weren’t allowed in the family room until beckoned. What I’m certain was merely a peacekeeping tactic on their end created a seemingly unbearable sense of anticipation for us. Our minds raced and hearts beat faster at the thought of unwrapping toys, feasting on cinnamon buns, and drinking our body weight in sparkling cider. That day was always uninhibited bliss.

As happens with many aspects of growing older, luster fades. Those enchanting sentiments dissolve into taxing responsibilities: A need to purchase the perfect gift, craft the most delectable meal, and host an unforgettable holiday party. Each year brings with it unique pressures or difficulties which dull our childlike enthusiasm.

There is an incomparable beauty in being known. It’s that moment in which our intricacies are understood, complications perceived, and innate qualities appreciated. We long for that ultimate connection, that counterpart who embodies the childlike wonder of this Atticus Poetry quote:

“She was the most beautiful, complicated thing I’d ever seen. A tangled mess of silky string. And all I wanted of life, was to sit down cross-legged and untie her knots.”

Wanderlust is alive and well all around us. From Instagram feeds to Pinterest scrolls and any travel sites in between, the global community is more accessible than ever. When we travel boldly and encounter new cities, countries, and cultures it can be beautiful yet overwhelming. That period of adjustment back to our own world might feel welcome for some who love routine, but it may also carry with it a hint of sadness.

When we travel, we change; when we see new things, we grow. And instead of diminishing that, we should embrace it with zest.

As a fashion blogger bitten long ago by the travel bug, I’ve often wondered: When we wander the world, see new places, and meet new people, how can we translate even small parts of those experiences back into everyday life through fashion? After extensive travels abroad and significant coast-hopping, I’ve fostered three simple ways to incorporate those voyages into an evolving wardrobe.

It’s rare to have a day go by where the words “I’m so busy,” don’t pass through our mind or cross our lips. We fill our calendars to the point where even finding the time to relax seems like a chore. That moment of burnout feels inevitable; the “I just want to crawl in bed after a long day” syndrome plagues us. So, where do we find the strength to ditch a Netflix binge and follow through on that long-awaited night of hosting friends?

The healthiest approach for beating ‘flake’ temptation is two-fold. It’s a combination of integrity and fellowship.